Sewing Machine Repair


After 30+ years maintaining, repairing, and rebuilding all the machinery in our shop, AND knowing how important that has been in the running of Sew Tec, Tom has started offering his services to others.

Attention Customers


Sew Tec is now accepting contract sewing for small productions.
No job too small – No minimum order quantities (MOQ)
Try out our contract sewing service before committing to large dollar, large volume factory productions.

A good way to test your market !

Back from vacation


We had a wonderful summer break: Celebrated Tom’s Birthday , caught some fish for dinner, and even saw some beautiful wild pitcher plants.

Hope to hear about new and exciting projects 🙂



Every sail in this photo was made in our shop, over a span of many years.

It was nice to see this recent gathering of some of the beautiful sails, made by Sew Tec.

Production Fabric Cutting through the years


Technological change facilitated the trend towards centralized cutting and contract assembly. After the invention of the sewing machine, the development of cloth-cutting devices was the next important breakthrough in the mass production of clothing. Long knives, introduced in the 1870s, allowed several layers of material to be cut simultaneously. By the 1890s, cutters could slice through stacks of cloth using electrically driven blades, greatly increasing the speed of this operation.