Manufacturer’s Tech Packs

A Manufacturer’s tech-pack is basically an instruction manual, or blue print for manufacturing a product. It is arranged in a digital spread sheet format, containing standards and measurements universally recognized by sewing contractors and factories. It contains every detail of process and material needed to make a product.

Overseas manufacturers require this, even to give a quote, and it is becoming more of a requirement, for manufacturing in the USA.   In every case, it is recommended, however, as as “insurance policy” to insure accuracy, and avoid confusion. 

From garments to toys, to technical gear, every product going onto production manufacturing will benefit from having a Tech-Pack, and every Tech-Pack we build is created specifically for an individual product.

Our tech-packs can best be described as “industry standard plus“. We go above and beyond the normal tech-pack standards, to provide the most comprehensive and understandable documents possible.We have been told by numerous manufacturers that they have never seen tech-packs of our quality level. In fact, we have found that our tech-packs are actually being used as training tutorials for other industry professionals.

As they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so we must be doing something right.

What’s included in our typical Tech-Packs :

  • Contact Info – Be sure your information is clearly available for a manufacturer to contact you, or the pattern maker, if any question arises
  • Material List –  All pertinent information in one place. Useful for yourself, going for wholesale sourcing, as well as a manufacturer producing your product. 
  • Specifications for your product – Sizing charts, and drawings. As well as grading information, if applicable
  • Sewing Specifications – Industry standard sewing codes ( ISO) for manufacturing. This ensures that either here or overseas, the terminology for the sewing process, and how any product should be sewn and finished, is easily understood.
  • Sewing Schedule –  Sewing guidelines / instructions, clearly explained, so even the most complex product with intricate details can be re-produced.
  • Technical Drawings / Photos – Computer drawings clearly illustrating all necessary details for manufacturing. In some instances we will use captioned and dimensioned photos in order to fully explain the product details 
  • Sample Photos – Although we do recommend to send a manufacturer the actual sample of the product, we like to include photos in the tech-pack, when available, so all eventualities are covered.

“The bitterness of poor quality lingers, long after the sweetness of low price is gone !”