Small Production Services

What does small production
mean with Sew Tec :

 –Small production –This generally means 100-300 pieces +/ -, but we have NO MOQ, so 12 pieces or just 1 piece is also fine – It goes without saying, that single prototypes, or custom work, is no problem.  We don’t have the capacity for doing orders in the multiple thousands in a reasonable time frame, or the storage area for large volumes of materials.

– Quality – The same quality Sew Tec is noted for in their prototypes, is carried through in small productions. Personalized customer service, and seamless and quick response to order, pattern, or technical changes is our specialty

– Materials – We want our customers to understand the groundwork needed for successful manufacturing.
We make sure they’re aware of all specifications, material sources, and assembly techniques, etc. used for their products
We like our customers to know exactly what goes into their product – It makes them more likely to succeed with their business.

Benefits: We’re happy to suggest upgrades or modifications to materials and construction to make a better, more cost-efficient product, without.

Why do a small production :
A small production like this gives a customer a chance to test the market, stock for advertising, etc., before moving onto large scale manufacturing.
So, we’ve found that this service is very helpful to some of our customers, especially start-up companies, or really anyone bringing out a new product line.