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Manufacturer's Tech-Pack:

A manufacturer's tech-pack is a digital spread sheet type document covering all specifications, materials and details needed for manufacturing.
Basically, it's an instruction manual to manufacture each item.
Overseas manufacturers require this, even to give a quote , but it is not universally required for manufacturing in the USA.  It is recommended, however, as an "insurance policy" to insure accuracy.

From garments to toys, to technical gear - Every product going onto production manufacturing will benefit from having a Tech-Pack, and every Tech-Pack we build, is done specific to an individual product.

What's included in a typical Tech-Pack :

  • Contact info – Be sure it is clearly available for a manufacturer to contact you, or the pattern maker, if any question arises .

  • Material list – Useful for you going for sourcing, as well as a manufacturer producing your product.

  • Specifications for your product – Sizing and grading information, if applicable

  • Sewing Specifications - Industry Standard sewing codes for manufacturing. This ensures that either here or over seas, the terminology for the sewing process is easily understood.

  • Sewing Schedule – Written out sewing instructions, so even the most complex product with intricate details can be re-produced.

  • Technical Drawing : Computer drawings clearly illustrating all necessary details for manufacturing.

  • Sample photos – Although we do recommend to send a manufacturer the actual sample of the product, we like to include photos in the Tech-Pack when available, so all eventualities are covered.